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Winegrowing Vipavska dolina


Winegrowing Vipavska dolina comprises 2,100 hectares and is part of the Primorska wine region, which includes still-growing districts Brda, Karst and Slovenian Istria. Geographically, it is Vipavska dolina bounded by hills Nanos, Trnovske and Karst plateau. To the west is open to the Friulli plain and therefore received a favorable Mediterranean climate impact. Vipavska dolina is otherwise one of the windiest regions in Slovenia (with Nanos often blowing north wind (bora) speeds above 100 km / h).


Among the white varieties growing district recommended varieties rebula, malvasia, riesling, sauvignon blanc, pinela, zelen, pinot, pinot gris and chardonnay. Among the red varieties are recommended: merlot, barbera, cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir.


Allowed the cultivation of varieties are also refosco, tokay from Friuli , muscat, pikolit, vitovska grganja, prosecco, cabernet franc, syrah, glera, klarnica, pergulin and poljšakica. From recommended varieties produce wines with designation of origin, which form the basis of vine growing on a particular area, the permitted varieties may be present only in the wine genre, which combines various grape varieties.

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