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Davorin his vineyard skills successfully adapt to modern methods, but remains faithful to the tradition.


Family Slejko process 4 hectares of vineyards of the Vipava Valley , planted at selected locations in the surrounding hills. Vineyards stretch at an altitude of 600 meters


They are planted with a density of 3,000 vines per hectare. In summer the carried out dilution of grapes and vine leaves only the highest quality of grapes. At grape harvest obtain kilo to about one and a half kilo grapes by wine.
Harvest begins when the grapes ripen to perfection. Grapes are selectively handpicked.


The cellar Vina Dornberg produce about 60 percent white and 40 percent red grape varieties.
A lot of attention is paid to indigenous varieties: zelen, pinela and rebula.

White wine

sparkling wine

Red wine


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