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Primorska wine region is proudly presented with large districts, which each in their own way contribute to the excellent character moves Primorska wines. In the heart of the Vipava district , was ten years ago, bravely set up private wine-making company.

In the pleasant village of Zalošče near Dornberk, surrounded by vineyards, on the one hand raised above the river Vipava, on the other hand protected by the slopes of the Karst, a vine grows excellently. Bedrock consists of flysch and alternating layers of sandstone and marl that quickly weathering. This creates a thick soil, rich with minerals. Gentle sub-Mediterranean climate, which is reflected in these places with abundant sunshine and enough rainfall here is faced with sharp bora ...


Brand wine Dornberg is one of the first, based on knowledge and valuable experience. The premium wines soon found its way to experts and lovers of good wine. By participating in evaluations and fairs regularly confirms its orientation to the creation of high-quality and premium wines.


Its recognition strengthens at various events, in which also appears in the role of sponsor. Special attention already benefit Slovenian kayakers, skiers, divers, journalists, caterers, tourist workers and many others.


Top wines Dornberg choose many guests of reputable restaurants and hotels the Gorizia region, Gorenjska region, Štajerska and in Ljubljana region.

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