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Vina Dornberg - wine 1000 years old Bled Castle


The history of the castle


Bled Castle is the oldest surviving written sources castle in Slovenian, donation deed first mentioned in 1011 as a castellum Veldes.


The mighty steep cliff that rises 130 meters above the glacial Lake Bled is a symbol of Bled and Slovenia - Bled Castle. Image of the castle with a romantic island and Bled church is the one characteristic that has over the centuries become recognized at home and abroad. Castle terraces offer spectacular views of the lake with an island, the land of Lesce and Radovljica and the mountain ranges of the world Karavanke and the Julian Alps.


More than a thousand years have passed, it was 10 April 1004, since the Italian Trento German King Henry II. Bishop Albuin of Brixen diocese and its possession of Carniola Bled. In 1011 Henry II. a new deed of donation Albuinovemu successor Adalberon donated the castle on the cliff (castellum Veldes), which is in this second deed of gift was first mentioned in written sources preserved. Bled Castle was the administrative center of Brixen estate in Upper Carniola. In medieval sources, the name of Bled mentioned in the German form Veldes. Bled Castle is the time mentioning the oldest castle in Slovenian. Castle buildings are arranged along the lower and upper courtyard.


The Bled castle today


arranged as an exhibition area. Rooms in the chapel, which is the most interesting building, showing the earliest history of Bled from the first excavations, and the castle at various stages of development with significant when the equipment. Equipment is not to the castle, but it is important as an illustration of culture through periods he spent. In addition to the castle, you can visit the castle printing works, the castle and the castle cellar, herbal gallery, restaurant, or view multi vision. Bled Castle attracts visitors both with their age, picturesque architecture and the unforgettable view of the lake and the wider world Gorenjske. Castle mood in the summer enriches the lord with his visit and archery tournament.
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Today, the castle is a varied offer: museums, medieval print shop, a smithy, a restaurant - and the law of the medieval wine cellar. We are proud we can be proud that wine is the wine cellar Dornberg official wine Bled castle.

Wine Cellar Bled castle


The real adventure in a medieval environment, visit the winery Vina Dornberg, which is located in the heart of the castle. Castle cellarman Andrej Uros and we are happy to present the history of the vine, and offer a glass of wine. Hand filling their own bottles of wine presents for those who have not experienced a true spectacle.     

The Bled Castle Wine Cellar Wines Dornberg visitor you can pour yourself a bottle of selected wine you with a cork plugged waxes door with melted beeswax and protection boards bottle with a label that is bound around his neck with a string, which is sealed with sealing wax and stamp on it. Castle servant to him a certificate of quality wines and implemented a self-filling. Real experience, true wine enjoyment, excellent specificity for all that you do is wine not only tastes great, but also experience.

White wine

sparkling wine

Red wine

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